Human Rights start with human relation
  May 30 2009
With initiate financial support as PAID-UP CAPITAL from the Henrich Böll Foundation (HBF)
  Nov 19 2008
With financial support from UNDP GEF SGP and partnership with NBP, PDI being undertake activities that increase the ability of local population,
  March 2008
The Peace and Development Institute (PDI) with financial support from UNIFEM and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior
  Dec 18 2007
18 December is a day when the international community recognizes the rights of migrants around the world.
  Sep 11 2006
The project entitled “Fostering the Promotion of Democratic Values”...
  Aug 12 2006
The project is to conduct a seminar on the Impact of Globalization on Cambodian Women for adoption .....
  March 8 2006 The project brings together women beer promoters and women union leaders ...
The Peace and Development Institute (PDI), was formally founded and became operational in since the 8th of August, 2003 and has had protocols of cooperation with the authorities that ensure the smooth implementation of program activities nationwide. The Institute’s management team has had extensive experience in both geographical areas and with the target sets of beneficiaries. The Institute prides itself on running a professional operation and getting results: training the right people, using carefully-designed courses, curricula, and modern methodology, following up with refreshers and continuing contacts and guidance to make sure the training has a lasting effect.


To help Cambodia succeed in its democratic transition by promoting and protecting human rights, rule of law, democratic institutions, good governance, culture of peace and gender equality and promoting the rights to food and sustainable livelihood system by delivering sustainable agriculture techniques within the concept of right-based approach to food security.


  1. The Institute has adopted a special approach to achieve its mission.  We believe in entering into meaningful dialogues with all people, young and old, women or girls, in community who can instigate change for the better, whether in the field of human rights, democracy, elections, or good governance. We want to convey our messages to everyone, including those who may have been associated with violations in the past.

  2. The only way to secure a genuine lasting commitment to peace and civilized standards is to seek permanent changes in attitudes and behavior we try to achieve this through education and persuasion by example.

PDI operates under an actively functioning Board of Directors Chaired by

1. H.E Kassie Neou, Advisor to the Royal Government with Ministerial ranking. Tel: (855-12) 818-035, Email: al_demo2003@yahoo.com

Other prominent members are:

2. Mr. Chat Sopheap, Program Manager at ChildFund Cambodia. Tel: (855-12) 953-071

3. Mrs. Prak Baureaksmey, Program and Grants Manager at Austcare Cambodia. Tel: (855-17) 875-757

4. Mr. Kuch Setha, Chief Executive Officer at Seilanithih Microfinance Institution. Tel: (855-12) 913-125

5. Mr. Uth Soeung, Relationship Manager Business Banking at ANZ Royal Bank. Tel: (855-12) 675-778