Human Rights start with human relation
  May 30 2009
With initiate financial support as PAID-UP CAPITAL from the Henrich Böll Foundation (HBF)
  Nov 19 2008
With financial support from UNDP GEF SGP and partnership with NBP, PDI being undertake activities that increase the ability of local population,
  March 2008
The Peace and Development Institute (PDI) with financial support from UNIFEM and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior
  Dec 18 2007
18 December is a day when the international community recognizes the rights of migrants around the world.
  Sep 11 2006
The project entitled “Fostering the Promotion of Democratic Values”...
  Aug 12 2006
The project is to conduct a seminar on the Impact of Globalization on Cambodian Women for adoption .....
  March 8 2006 The project brings together women beer promoters and women union leaders ...




Australian Government Grant:
Forum‘s main is “Human Rights & Peace”

The participants of the Human Rights School Child Forum are students, parents, communities and authorities:



Description location




29 March, 05

HRSCF at Kratie province          




24 June, 05

HRSCF at Kampot province        




22 September, 05

HRSCF at Kampong Chhnang province




03 November, 05

HRSCF at Pursat province









  » Human Rights Teaching Methodology (HRTM)



Rights and Laws in Schools:
The project is to provide secondary school teachers the know-how to deliver human rights & legal education to students in their day-to-day teaching curriculum.

Australian Embassy Grant:
The project entitled Enhancing Democratic Values and Processes”, 3 sessions with 210 secondary teachers, drawn from rural communities.

Australian Government Grant:

8 sessions; 4 sessions for primary teachers and 4 for secondary teachers in Kratie, Kampot, Kampong Chhnang and Pursat provinces with 480 primary & secondary school teachers, including 230 women were held.

Finland Embassy Grant:
3 training sessions in 3 provinces Kampong Speu, Prey Veng and Kampong Thom. 360 teachers including 221 female teachers were trained.

    » Human Rights and Community Legal Education Teaching Methodology (HRLTM)


U.S Government Grant:
The project entitled Fostering the Promotion of Democratic Values”, 5 sessions with 300 secondary teachers, drawn from rural communities in Kampong Chhnang and Pursat Province.




  » The Formation of Solidarity Group for Beer Promoter Women


A network of Women beer promoters in Cambodia were emerged with its titled Solidarity Group for Beer Promoter Women through a national workshop which attracted 223 women beer promoters to vote for their leader as Executive Body and 155 new members of the women beer promoters were joint the solidarity group after the group appeared via mobile meetings with our beer promoter women.


  » Celebration of International Migration Day (December 18, 2008)


10 prominent guest speakers (key officers from Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, Domestic and Migrant Workers Association, Ung Rithy Group, Topman Power, T&P Company, CWPD , National Coordinator of UNIFEM, Ex-migrant workers) who direct dealing with migration issues were invited to the shows via 5 radio-stations to share their knowledge and experiences faced with attracted 25 callers from Kampong Cham, Takeo, Phnom Penh, Kampong Speu, Prey Veng, Svay Reang, Krong Phreshehanuk, Steung treng and Mundulkiry province to participated to the program which 46 questions were raised related to the migration issues to our show prominent guest speakers.


  » Mobile Forum in the Context of Woman Migrant Workers (March 2008)


7 mobile forums were conducted with engaged 3,552 people to participate and 126 questions were raised and discussed in the forums, and there were three types of posters are aiming at   informing relevant recruitment agencies or companies who work in the field of migrant workers, such as contact information and situation of migration workers”. As a result of 11,580 posters were distributed to participants during the forums.


  » Celebration of International Migration Day (December 18, 2007)


16 prominent guest speakers (key officers from Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, Ministry of Women Affairs, Domestic and Migrant Workers Association, Legal Support for Children and Women, Cambodian Women Crisis Center, National Coordinator of UNIFEM, Popular Movie Star and Signer, Ex-migrant workers, Philimore Company, Association of Cambodian Recruiting Agency) who direct dealing with migration issues were invited to the shows via 5 radio-stations to share their knowledge and experiences faced with attracted 21 callers from Kampong Thom, Prey Veng, Kandal , Phnom Penh, Takeo and Kampong Speu , SvayReang, Kandal, Takeo, Kampong Cham and Kampong Thom and Steung treng province to participated to the program which 39 questions were raised related to the migration issues to our show prominent guest speakers.


  » Women’s day March 8th, 2006


Care Cambodia Grant:
Women’s day Celebration was held on March 8, 2006. Prominent participants in the event were representative of CARE Cambodia, representative of ACILS, and PDI’s Board of Directors.

Slogan of the event include “We support; we promote Women’s Rights”, “Abolish violence against women in all places”.

    16days Campaign to end violence against women in workplace, at home and in community, 2005.
160 women from garment, tourism sectors, young girls working as beer promoters and karaoke singers exchange information and experience through our training workshop. The workshop highlighted PDI’s Primer on Labor Law, CEDAW and Domestic Violence Law to inform participants on major principles regarding the human rights of women. 

A press conference was held on Tuesday 22 November 2005, to launch the campaign on violence against women workers at work, at home and in the community.

Over 500 people from Siemreap province participated in our 16days Rally to raise awareness on the human rights of women workers.

    Youth Forum 16days Campaign to end violence against women, 2004
A Youth Forum of 16days Campaign to end violence against women was held at Rasmey Samaky primary school, Oudong district, Kampong Speu province. Students, teachers, parents, communities and authorities together 464 participants, 242 females participated.

Gender responsive, Transformative Leadership and Politics
NZAID Grant:

6 participants, four from Cambodia and 2 from Lao, to attend a training on Gender Responsive, Transformative Leadership and Politics, conducted in Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines from 18 to 29 September 2005. at the Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP). Then after they return from the CAPWIP they were able to redevelop materials of the building transformative communities (BTC) for the training program.

The Institute conducted a 3days training workshopin Phnom Penh with 20 women in preparation for support of women running for offices in the 2007 communal elections and the 2008 national election.

    SOLIDARITY Grant :
30 women beer promotion's activists from Tiger, Heineken, Sachdom and XO companies have the first opportunity to participate in the labor law and advocacy skills training course. Women beer promotion claimed their rights from the beer companies' owner for their public holidays such as International Women Day, Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben, Water Festival..., and they also have healthcare service too.

11 masons were selected and trained on how to build biogas digesters, maintain, and the effective uses of sludge & slurry. 25 village-biogas-promoters were trained on how to seek clients for build the digester and deployed at the field works. 127 potential were selected and jointed field visits to the existing biogas digesters. 62 among them were in the process of build the digesters. 27 digester were constructed and being used.

    CARE Cambodia Grant:
54 women from garment, tourism, construction sectors, beer promotion girls and sex workers adopted their draft constitution. 201 women from all sectors above elected executive committees for CWMO, as the result six women were selected for executive committee leaders.
  » Women Victim of Land Dispute (WVLD)
    Urgent Action Grant:
To date, our lawyers and their assistants are looking at 7 diferent cases where the lives of the women are in danger. These cases are now in court. Lawyers are assisting the women to understand the law and to prepare necessary documents and witnesses for court trial. One separate case was won as intervention came on time and lawyers were able to successfully defend the case with proper documents of land registration. Women are fully engaged in this process, as well as other members of the community where there is land dispute and abuse by local authorities.
    » Community Legal Education Project
    Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI) Grant via the Pannasastra University Cambodia Legal Clinic (PUCLC):
72 active lessons included 34 lessons for lower secondary and 38 lessons for upper secondary have been authorized and accepted by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MoEYS).

3 kinds of manual have been produced.

1) Educator’s Manual. 2) Learner’s Material. 3) Integrated Methodology.



NZAID Grant:
Up to 11,000 people, including some 283 leaders from ethnic minorities, women workers, participated in the event of December 10.

Thousand of copies of CEDAW primer booklets were distributed.