Human Rights start with human relation
  May 30 2009
With initiate financial support as PAID-UP CAPITAL from the Henrich Böll Foundation (HBF)
  Nov 19 2008
With financial support from UNDP GEF SGP and partnership with NBP, PDI being undertake activities that increase the ability of local population,
  March 2008
The Peace and Development Institute (PDI) with financial support from UNIFEM and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior
  Dec 18 2007
18 December is a day when the international community recognizes the rights of migrants around the world.
  Sep 11 2006
The project entitled “Fostering the Promotion of Democratic Values”...
  Aug 12 2006
The project is to conduct a seminar on the Impact of Globalization on Cambodian Women for adoption .....
  March 8 2006 The project brings together women beer promoters and women union leaders ...

With initiate financial support as PAID-UP CAPITAL from the Henrich Böll Foundation (HBF), PDI being provides financial services to help the poor liberate themselves from poverty and to increase productivity in terms of improve people’s living standard.

We were operating in Kandal province, in 6 districts (Punhea Leur, Mukampol, Ksach Kandal, Lvea Em, Kien Svay and Sa Ang), 16 communes (Kampong Os, Chvang, Phsadek, Vihear Loung, Tumbub Thom, Phnum Bath, Prektamak, Prektambong, Sarikakeo, Barong, Punhea Pun, Prek Tmey, Samrong Thum, Chheu Teal, Kampong Svay, Svay Broteal) and in 38 villages.

In early 2008, PDI obtained from the Central Bank of Cambodia as Rural Credit Operator. As of October, 2009, PDI-Rural Credit Operator served nearly 1100 families with a loan portfolio outstanding of close to KHR 1,200 million equivalents to US$290,000 among them US$100,000 were loaned by Rural Development Bank (a Specialized Bank in Cambodia), with financial self-sufficiency ratio of 110 percent and operation self-sufficiency ratio of 167 percent.

To ensure the Loan Products remain at its competitive advantage and produce an operational sustainability in today’s intensely competitive micro-finance market, PDI-Rural Credit Operator has updated and improved its existing loan products annually so that the financial needs in both remote and peri urban areas is better satisfied. At the moment, the loans are offered through adapted three methodologies: 1- Community Group Loans; 2- Solidarity Group Loan and 3- Individual Loan.

These three methodologies have been designed as a commencement mechanism, so that clients have free of choices to select appropriate types of loans and repayment condition to meet their capital requirements. Depending on the preference of the client, loans can be given in both local riel (KHR) and USD currencies.

In order to facilitate data and promote professionalism, a new server FAO Microbanking was installed to operate loan control system which keeps track of loan and clients information and produce various report as demanded from the National Bank of Cambodia as field microfinance institution. 21 reports were redesigned for finance, operations and management teams to check and obtain various information including reports on PDI-RuralCreditOperator’s total loan portfolio, client classifies, ratios, generated repayment schedule raging from balloon-decline and mix term, decorated with PDI logo and other necessary items, thus enhancing the organization’s professional image.

In terms of social work, PDI-Rural Credit Operator has integrated action so far such as Clean Environment and Poverty Reduction with the Promotion of Bio-Digester Technology in rural communities, which technical and joint financial supported by UNDP GEF and NBP. Among its remarkable social performance, PDI-Rural Credit Operator has provided raising awareness via mobile community meeting on utilizes benefits from the biogas digester to its 1,280 families.


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