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  :: Human Rights & Community Legal Education Teaching Methodology (HRLTM) ::

The project entitled “Fostering the Promotion of Democratic Values”
(Started 1 July 2006): (brief)

The Peace and Development Institute (PDI), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, conducted the teacher training courses on the integration of Human Rights & Laws teaching methodology, and implementing the methodology to, best, teach human rights & laws in conjunction with daily school curriculum.

It is a part of the nationwide program to provide secondary school teachers the know-how to deliver human rights & legal education to students in their day-to-day teaching curriculum. (the project is on going)


Venerable Yos Hut, PDI´s Member of Board of Directors and H.E. Mak Van, “center” Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education Youth & Sports and Mr. Jeff Daigle, Public Affairs Officer of the American Embassy representative providing speech during the training course at Kampong Chhnang province, one of poorest provinces of Cambodia.


Group discussion, debates and experience sharing.


Class demonstration.

  Grand Ceremony for the Graduation:

To mark the LAUNCHING of the unprecedented program to incorporate Human Rights and Laws in the education system, the Peace and Development Institute (PDI), together with the provincial education directorates of Kompong Chhnang and Pursat, on Thursday, November 16, 2006, organized a Grand Ceremony for the Graduation of the initial 5 teacher-training sessions.

Participating guests of honor were a Deputy Governor, Directors and heads of provincial departments, community activists and leaders of community based organizations (CBO), and representatives of the US based International Relief Center, Care Cambodia, Girl Guides Association of Cambodia, and the Cambodia Islamic Development Community.

The ceremony was presided over by His Excellency Dr. Kol Pheng, senior Minister, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, and His Excellency Joseph A. Mussomeli, Ambassador of the United States to Cambodia. They presented certificates to representatives of the 300 high-school teachers who had participated in the program entitled “Fostering the Promotion of Democratic Values”.

The start of this program was made possible by a Grant of $20,000 from the United States Government through the US Embassy, Cambodia.
H. E. Dr. Kol Pheng,
Senior Minister,
Minister of Education
H.E Joseph A. Mussomeli,
US Ambassador to Cambodia.
Presentation of certificates
Mr. Kassie Neou,
Rights & Laws curriculum drafting committee.
Mr. Lach Sam Oeurn, Representative of the US based International Relief Center.
Mrs. Tan Chan Phally
Executive Director,
Girl Guides Association of Cambodia.
Participating teachers to the ceremony