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18 December is a day when the international community recognizes the rights of migrants around the world.
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The project entitled “Fostering the Promotion of Democratic Values”...
  Aug 12 2006
The project is to conduct a seminar on the Impact of Globalization on Cambodian Women for adoption .....
  March 8 2006 The project brings together women beer promoters and women union leaders ...

The signing of the Multi-Fiber Agreement between Cambodia and the US in 1995 started a fast development in the garment industry. Today more than 200,000 workers are employed in this sector; more than 80% of these work forces are young women between 18-25 years of age, from rural poor families. And according to the results of the 2005 survey conducted by CARE UK, over 4,000 women and young girls are engaged in the promotion of beer and alcohol in beer gardens, karaokes, and local restaurants.

This growing business attracts young women and girls with little or no education, from rural poor families. The same survey shows that beer promotion carries a very strong social stigma. The common perception that beer promotion is synonymous with sex workers put them at very high risk of abuse and harassment.  Cases of harassment are very high, ranging from derogatory behaviors(83%), 80% unwanted sexual touching, 54% physical abuse, 60% threats and 38% have had to perform a coerced sexual acts in the work place.

Because beer promoters are not considered as workers, they are not protected by the labor law. Furthermore, the sector has not yet been organized therefore the beer promoters have no unions nor representatives to protect their rights nor to bargain for the most basic protection or benefits.

The project, started on 15 October 2005, was unique and the first event for women beer promotions. The project challenged the abuse of the women beer promotions that are considered as violations of the human rights of women. Allow the women beer promotions and women workers to take action for protect their rights. The project will continue beyond the campaign and PDI will use the campaign as a lesson learned to take the next step towards addressing the recommendations added during the campaign, including the workshop and radio talk show.

The project objective seeks to bring together women workers, employers, elected officials, local authorities and women trade unions, NGOs and civil society to address and to speak as one voice to stop violence against women workers in the workplace, at home and in the community.

The women from garment, tourism sectors, young girls working as beer promoters and karaoke singers had the opportunity to exchange information and experience through our training workshop which was conducted in Phnom Penh on November 05 and 06, 2005. The workshop used the PDI Primer on Labor Law, CEDAW and Domestic Violence Law to inform participants on major principles regarding the human rights of women. Photos and DVD of the workshops are also included.

A press conference was held on Tuesday 22 November 2005, to launch the campaign on violence against women workers at work, at home and in the community.

A radio campaign was conducted from 21 November to 02 December 2005.

Participants pay attention on CEDAW primer lesson.
A woman beer promoter sharing her real situation at the workplace 
The UNIFEM CEDAW National Coordinator Cambodia, Ms. Kok Kanika and Parliament member of Siemreap province, H.E. Ms. Ke Sovannaroath jointed the rally.
During the rally people along the road eagerly jointed the event.