Human Rights start with human relation
  May 30 2009
With initiate financial support as PAID-UP CAPITAL from the Henrich Böll Foundation (HBF)
  Nov 19 2008
With financial support from UNDP GEF SGP and partnership with NBP, PDI being undertake activities that increase the ability of local population,
  March 2008
The Peace and Development Institute (PDI) with financial support from UNIFEM and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior
  Dec 18 2007
18 December is a day when the international community recognizes the rights of migrants around the world.
  Sep 11 2006
The project entitled “Fostering the Promotion of Democratic Values”...
  Aug 12 2006
The project is to conduct a seminar on the Impact of Globalization on Cambodian Women for adoption .....
  March 8 2006 The project brings together women beer promoters and women union leaders ...

The project sends 6 participants, four from Cambodia and 2 from Lao, to attend training on Gender Responsive, Transformative Leadership and Politics, in Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines from 18 to 29 September 2005 at the Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP).

The participants to the training course were selected based on their skills and experience in teaching and training others. The participants’ experience and exposure to community development, politics and activism were also considered as strong assets. Male participants were given a chance to take part in the training to engender their views in leadership and politics.

Participant who participated in the training Gender Responsive, Transformative Leadership and Politics at CAPWIP, Philippine.
“Women’s role in politics can transform lives and development and peace can be better achieved only when women are given the opportunities to transform their communities and their nation” Katya Voleak, a participant and master trainer from Cambodia”
Our Chairwomen of BoD presenting the concepts involved in the Transformative Communities.
Group discussion to identify the dynamic of Building Transformative Communities concepts (BTC).
BTC activities during the training course.
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